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FONTE: http://conceptualdare.com/2010/06/20/polimoda-fashion-show/

Polimoda Fashion Show

On June 9th, Polimoda, one of the best schools in europe for fashion design, show-cased the creativity and

talent of more than 50 graduating students. The runway took place at the Saschall Theatre in Florence, giving

an amazing performance of haute-couture to the public and special guests in the fashion industry.

The collections presented on the fashion show are the culmination of the experimental hard work the students

have realized in the past three years, where major attention must be paid to every single detail. The students 

are the ones behind the research, the sketches and the whole production of each single garment, they managed

to present their talent and knowledge in very innovative ways, giving a delightful experience to the audience.

Photo Credits:

Fabio Tempestini



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